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Tis the season to wait in for parcels

I’ve started my Christmas shopping over the last few days. I won’t go to Merry Hell unless it’s absolutely necessary so I’ve been doing it online. The first delivery was completed today after much hassle. It put me in mind … Continue reading

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Africa United

Africa United is a charming and innocent film. There is some breathtaking African scenery in it. Some of the plot is upsetting and heartrending. It made me feel ashamed for moaning and griping about minor things. Ultimately it was very … Continue reading

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Mother’s Milk

This book describes the damaged and painful relationships of the Melrose family. It opens with a five year old’s stunning recollection of his own birth. That is the peak of the entire book. From there it slides into dull middle … Continue reading

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Started watching Threesome after a friend mentioned it. It’s a bit silly but I like the outrageous bits like when they break their robot baby: But the best thing about Threesome is the theme music, which is by someone called … Continue reading

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Waitrose Christmas advert

I love Waitrose. It’s God’s own supermarket. In the main I like Heston Blumenthal too. But WTF is this year’s Waitrose Christmas advert about? Are people really so lazy that they can’t measure out the ingredients for a cake? Worst … Continue reading

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Bad parking

Apparently I gave my passengers a bit of a fright when I parked the car at the Thompson wedding venue because I drove so close to the car next to me. I hold my hands up; I cannot park (and … Continue reading

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Maddy and Mike got married!

I borrowed a Sony Alpha 33 with zoom lens for the event:

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New hair

For the first time I’ve had highlights put in with foils rather than a cap. Jade my hairdresser asked me if I wanted a shorter version of Cheryl Cole’s hairstyle because apparently I have the right kind of hair for … Continue reading

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Lucy is now six and a half years old. She’s certainly showing the signs of ferret old age, but with the help of regular steroid injections she has quite a good quality of life.

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Chinese dumplings

Made some potsticker dumplings and they turned out well although they were twice the size they were supposed to be: The recipe came from my Ken Hom book: EDIT 21 Jan 2012 I have been making these with twice the … Continue reading

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