Floyd’s India

I bought this book in 2006, after watching the TV series, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I tried a couple of recipes from the book but the quantities seemed way off so I haven’t used it for maybe a decade. Now it is going to the charity shop.

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How to be Famous

The sequel to How to Build a Girl. Took me back to the 90’s and reminded me of the good bits. I like CM’s writing, I find it relatable and the story was uplifting. A nice read.

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The Cows

I really enjoyed this. Characters are slightly caricature-ish but the main plot event (a women filmed masturbating on a train) is extremely brave. I found it immensely readable; its up to the minute contemporary and feminist. Don’t follow the herd!

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Sober Stick Figure

I quite liked the stick figure cartoons – they were mildly funny and had novelty value. But I felt that the book read like ‘I did this, then I did this, then I did this…’ The book was ok but I’ve read several better drinking memoirs.

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Loved this collection of short stories. Beautifully portrayed characters and sharply observed. Utterly convincing as is usual for Ms Shriver. Occasionally deliciously disturbing, in the manner of Tales of the Unexpected.

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Home Fire

I read this after hearing about it on Radio 4: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0929rxs

I don’t know the myth it’s based on but I loved this book. It truly reflects our time and it’s surprising and believable.

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A Wolf at the Table

This is a very sad story of a young boy (and later man) yearning for the love of his cruel and abusive father. A compulsive and disturbing read.

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Salting potatoes

When parboiling potatoes for roasting or chips add 15g salt per litre of water.

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Diary of a Bookseller

Read this on Manga’s recommendation. The tales of annoying and cheeky customers reminded me of working in the pub. An enjoyable, gentle read.

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The Standing Chandelier

A novella which I read mostly on the sun lounger one Saturday afternoon. Like I did for both of LS’s books I have read so far (Kevin, Big Brother) I love her writing style. It exudes intelligence and sometimes humour. Was disappointed by the ending at first but then cam round to thinking it was probably truest to a real life situation. Thumbs up.

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