New Order

I’d always wanted to hear Blue Monday played really loudly. It’s not my favourite New Order song but I just knew it would be fantastic played at full volume. I never imagined I’d hear the band play it; I thought I’d hear it in a club or something. But no, I heard New Order play Blue Monday at a gig at The Ballroom, Birmingham and it was every bit as good as I had hoped. Good thing too; my clubbing days are over.

It was a fantastic gig and all the better for the company – my school friend N who organised the tickets. The music took me back to those crazy teenage years and the joy of discovering soaring electronic pop. It also reminded me of how excited I used to be about Manchester. I still get that feeling when I watch Cold Feet.

I didn’t take my camera and anyway we were at the back but I found some pro photos of the gig on Flickr. This is my favourite:

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