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I don’t like Masterchef. To me cooking is about enjoying yourself not putting yourself under ludicrous amounts of pressure. Why on earth would home cooks go and put themselves through Masterchef? Also, what’s the stupid over-dramatic music about?

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Thai prawn curry

This is based on a chicken and coconut soup recipe in Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey. It tasted very good. The only small problem was a lack of heat (I used 2 bird’s eye chillies without seeds) so I chopped … Continue reading

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Soda bread

I made this today from How to Bake. I am so pleased with it even though I haven’t even cut into it yet. It’s exactly how it should look. Unfortunately the texture wasn’t quite right. Mark said it was rubbery … Continue reading

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I enjoyed some articles in this immensely. Others I found quite dreary. Generally, the ones where she’s talking about anything (even loosely) political or individual celebrities are brillant and fascinating respectively. The Celebrity Watch and facetious rant ones I find … Continue reading

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Milk loaf

I took a chance with this one and used some double cream to semi-skimmed milk to replace full fat milk! It was fine though. The loaf was soft and sweet./ It reminded me a little of commercial sliced white loaves … Continue reading

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Slow braised lamb with peppers

I made this based on the recipe from Rick Stein’s Spain. I made it using 2 large lamb shanks and halved the other ingredients in the recipe. I didn’t have any fresh or dried peppers so just added roasted ones … Continue reading

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Courgette fritters

I needed to use up some courgettes so made fritters using this recipe. They tasted good but there was way too much egg in it so they were more like mini omelettes. Next time I will only use one egg. … Continue reading

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Carrot cake without dried fruit

Used Jamie Oliver recipe with the following changes: I only used 60% of the amounts, apart from the carrot which I forgot to scale down! Dark brown soft sugar instead of light 0.5 cups orange juice instead of zest and … Continue reading

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