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The wanderers return

These two definitely know each other: Not using the flash results in an inferior image but the result is much closer to what the scene actually looks like:

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Duck disaster

Tonight I tried to make duck teriyaki using Nigella’s recipe. I made a few adaptations to the sauce as I had to use what I already had in the cupboards so that meant mild rice vinegar instead of sake, pale … Continue reading

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Osso bucco

I spotted some osso bucco at Waitrose last time I went. Having never heard of it before I was keen to try it. I cooked it roughly according to this recipe but I skipped the tomato, used proper beef stock … Continue reading

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Chinese style sea bass

I adapted this from a recipe I came across about a year ago on a random blog found while Googling. This is the recipe I found. I do a similar thing with my sea bass but I make my sauce … Continue reading

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Finishing touches

About a week ago I made carrot cakes from this cupcake book: I was going to serve them with a pile of whipped double cream but it was suggested that I used a more tangy topping such as cream cheese … Continue reading

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Chateau Monty

What life might have been like:

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Double trouble

The ultimate evidence that two separate hedgehogs come to feed: Sharing a meal with a friend is one of life’s greatest pleasures:

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Another hedgehog

We’ve started leaving leftover ferret biscuits out by the back door for the hedgehog. Sure enough a hedgehog came to feed tonight when all was quiet. But this is a different one; it’s smaller than yesterday’s:

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Small creatures

The ferrets have been ‘helping’ me with the packing: Meanwhile a hedgehog has been coming to eat the food we leave out for the neighbours’ cat:

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One song to the style of another

I’ve been listening to these two albums recently: Lucky Uke is a collection of rock classics played on ukeleles. The Bad Shepherds do punk classics adapted to the folk style. The latter is fronted by Ade Edmondson, one of my … Continue reading

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