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Radio 2

If I listen to the radio, it’s generally Radio 4. But I’ve been listening to Radio 2, due to it being left on for my in-laws’ budgie, and I’ve liked some of it. So I had it on in the … Continue reading

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Chris Addison

Went to see Chris Addison at The Junction last night. We sat right at the front, which was maybe a bit close as you had to look up at him and he was really tall. He was sharp and very … Continue reading

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A great white shark ate my leg

Amazing story:

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Nigella Kitchen

I like watching Nigella on TV. I’m aware that she’s unbearably posh and her smiles are too forced and too many but there’s still something about the show that does make me more inclined to go and cook something. It … Continue reading

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Richard Herring’s Objective

I really like Richard Herring. This episode moved me to request that Mr W sport a Hitler moustache. He declined.

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Sweet pastry

Mr W is partial to dessert so tonight I indulged him. We had some sweet wine left which is horrible for drinking so I used it to poach some peeled, quartered and cored pears, along with butter, sugar, ground cinnamon … Continue reading

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Lip Service

Watched the first episode tonight. It’s like Queer As Folk but with women and not as funny. There are even Vince and Stuart equivalent characters: Cat and Frankie. It was quite cool though. I can see the similarities with This … Continue reading

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Night in

Did a bit of cooking tonight. First I made a 400g bread blob using the split tin recipe in the Bread book: I couldn’t be bothered to use a mould or tin. Sometimes it’s nice to let it all hang … Continue reading

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First proper bruise…

…from karate. Obtained by trying to block one of Dom’s kicks with my gloved hand but instead made contact with my arm. Owweee! But yay, I am getting used to being hit rather than being a little girl about it … Continue reading

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I want a micropig…

…or two: Soppy Guardian article

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