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Women in India

I really want to believe that sexist attitudes towards women in India will change. But as a product of that patriarchal society myself, I know only too well how deeply those attitudes are ingrained. It will be a struggle.

Radio 2

If I listen to the radio, it’s generally Radio 4. But I’ve been listening to Radio 2, due to it being left on for my in-laws’ budgie, and I’ve liked some of it. So I had it on in the car on Wednesday night and I listened to Mike Harding’s show. I loved it! I wouldn’t have expected that I’d like folk, roots and acoustic but apparently I do. I listened to some of The Radcliffe and Maconie Show afterwards which I also enjoyed. It was good to hear Noddy Holder on the radio, if only to hear a Wolves accent on the wireless. Decent music too.

Radio 4 this week

Just William: Pursuin’ Happiness, The Revenge. Love Just William as a kid, still do now.

Woman’s Hour: Choosing to be Childfree and the subsequent phone-in.

The Now Show.

I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. We went to watch the recording of this and last week’s programmes at Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Parlez-vous British?, Overseas Membership is a story by Christopher Matthew. It’s set in occupied France.