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The Little Stranger

This book starts off slowly but luckily for me it picks up around p80 (I only give books a maximum of 100 pages to make an impression on me). The pace accelerates after that, hurtling with breakneck speed towards the … Continue reading

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High Sobriety

Although I don’t drink anywhere near what Jill Stark used to put away, I related to most, if not all, of her feelings during her booze-free year. The book is easy to read. I’d definitely recommend it. The only thing … Continue reading

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Tom Kerridge at Opus

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Two books about running

I got a couple of books on running for my birthday: I can’t say that either book made a huge impact on me. But ‘Kenyans’ was interesting in that there isn’t some big secret of the success of the Kenyans; … Continue reading

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