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One song to the style of another

I’ve been listening to these two albums recently:

Lucky Uke is a collection of rock classics played on ukeleles. The Bad Shepherds do punk classics adapted to the folk style. The latter is fronted by Ade Edmondson, one of my childhood heroes due to the genius that is Bottom. He hasn’t got a bad voice actually.


I haven’t been listening to much Radio 4 lately because I’ve been using Spotify . I love it so much! I’ve been listening to lots of music from the past. It’s like reliving my youth but without all the craziness. Been listening to newer stuff too. Technology is great; I can hear something I like at the hairdresser’s then look it up on the Heart FM(!) playlist and play it on Spotify. When I was younger it was exciting enough borrowing CDs from the library. To have so much music available immediately is simply incredible.