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My last exam was yesterday (computer architecture). It went ok but I didn’t have time to add as many details as I wanted in some answers. It’s hard to predict the result because I’ve never had any feedback from the … Continue reading

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test result

Same’s blood test was inconclusive. So they can’t confirm it’s cancer, but they can’t confirm it’s not either. It’s still reasonably likely that it’s cancer, and he’s definitely seriously ill whatever it is, so we’ll just carry on with the … Continue reading

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assignments and organic chicken

I handed in my two biggie assignments today – the Java treasure hunt game and the Jumpin’ Jake’s Jook Joint website report. Last night when I was doing the final bits of writing up, I spilled a glass of red … Continue reading

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Same came back from having tests at the vet today. They think he has cancer of the lymphatic system and that there isn’t much that can be done about it. They expect that he only has a few months left. … Continue reading

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1st Henniversary

In the past year they’ve wrecked the garden, they’ve learnt to fly and keep escaping from their pen, they lay in the ornamental wishing well and one has even gone broody on me…but it’s still been the best year ever. … Continue reading

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